Singer semi diamond frame, c. 1891

In 1888, Singer introduced a very successful semi-diamond - somewhere in between cross and diamond frame. The bicycle you see in the pictures below is a further development of that semi diamond. It has a real top tube and some typical 1891 features, like single rubbers on the front footrests and 'normal' rear wheel chain tensioners. 

It is a marvellous bicycle and really a collectors item. Look at the original Singer transfer on the head tube badge and the original SINGER COVENTRY pedal rubbers!

It is in the collection of the Velorama museum, but not always for show. Serial number is 69280. It has a ball head and patent steering lock, like most Singers of those years. 

I also have some pictures of a reinforced Singer frame of this model (but with socket head!) , built in the years 1891-1892. Click here.